First ever screencast-Moodling

I made this screen cast to demonstrate how to cross-link courses in Moodle using a workaround suggested by someone on the Moodle forum. By default Moodle does not allowed cross-link courses with the same ID, a workaround is used to achieve this. This is my first ever screen-cast. I lost the initial video recording I made showing the process. I later recorded a tour of the finished outcome to show what I did.

I will be spending this weekend to learn more about screencasting, video editing and animated presentation using Powtoon.

Cross-listing of courses with the same ID is not allowed in Moodle by default.

In cases where you have to post the same course across different departments in Moodle because those departments share courses.

Someone at the Moodle forum suggested a workaround and I just put that to practice to see how it comes out.

I have uploaded all the courses first under a categories I called “All Subjects”.

Then I created course page under category Department, which is under another category “Faculty”.

In the course page I created all the links to the Subject relevant to that department from the list of the Subjects I had uploaded under Category “All Subject”.

The lists of subject on the course page are headed with the Level of the course and the Semester ” 100L- Semester 1″.

I repeated this for all other departments courses.

I used both the “Forum” and “Page” Activity to create the Course page for the listing.

To get the link to the courses under the “All Subject”. Navigate to the Category “All Subject”.

Click on the relevant Subject and go to the course page. Copy the link from the address bar.

With that link you can make the hyperlink that links from the course page with the departmental course listing back to the relevant course page.

I made a screen cast of this process as I was doing it but I lost it.

I may do it again, if it is useful. First time making screen cast, messed it up.

Moodle discoussion forum link on this: Cross-listing courses in Moodle

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