Moodle Mooc ends today…

4 Weeks of Moodle Mooc ended today and I can say that it was the most interesting online course I have ever done.  As far as participation and engagement is concerned.

I tried to focus on what I really wanted to learn without being distracted by others, lesson learned from the Edtechx course.

The method of engagement draws me in and the lessons were very focused without being overloaded with too much.

My participation was minimal but focused on what really matters to me which is simply following the course and completing every tasks and activities given to make sure I cover everything without omission.

There were a lot I could get involved with but they will distract me from my focus but still I got involved with the forum, made relevant postings and read as much as I could from others with very limited comments.

I liked the workshop, it gave me ideas on how I can use it for my course and I also like the Glossary bit and database. I like the idea someone dropped about using the Glossary in a carrot and stick way of getting students engaged in using the online  course.

The activity completion was brilliant, it helps to track your progress on the course and you can tick it off as you go along, it kind of motivated me to stay on the course and finish because I keep on going back to tick each activity off when I am done and then I look at what I have got left without the tick and I aim to get that ticked so I go back on the activity to continue. Guess what can keep you motivated! I also got a very generous link  on how I can develop my own user guide.

I completed my practice course  with a snippet of my test course on Software Engineering.  Trying to explore and consolidate my use and understanding of  the various activities and resource in Moodle. I used,  Q&A forum, file, book, quiz, assignment and wiki. I did not use the workshop but it was in my original test course but still I got the idea of how I can use it from the workshop activity on the course.

The two coordinators of the course were brilliant too. The course wouldn’t have been great without them. Listening to them talk on the course brings back some of my smiles

Ahh, my Internet connection isn’t that bad this time around. That’s simply because I am in a city now, no longer in that Village in the middle of no where.  Service done, volunteering done and I ran as far as I could from that corner of the world.  I still continue to volunteer though, but off-site.

My Moodle journey continues and I am also looking forward to the next Edtechx too.

I got the badges too..


The next Moodle Mooc is slated for 9th of August, I hope the course will be a little more advanced that this.

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