I joined Moodle Mooc

Joining the ongoing moodle mooc is a natural step forward after the last edx mooc on EdTech. I based the EdTechX course on my project which is based on implementing Moodle at an Institution. I have done a lot of readings and research on Moodle from the technical side to the user side. Doing this Moodle mooc helps me to put structure to everything I have learnt so far on my own reading the Docs and from the moodle forum. I consider myself no longer a beginner in Moodle but learning from the beginning re-enforces what I have learnt previously and also help plug holes in the areas I have missed out on.

I have just completed the first week of the course and it wasn’t bad learning afresh how to set up a course and knowing more about the blocks and how to use them.

The way the  Book resource was used gave me idea of how to use it because previously I did not see any example on using it, I just made up my own idea of how to use it based on what I read. I made a book of my project proposal just to see how it works. Now I know I can make a book of anything I want, like my handout…

There are so many options on enrolling users in Moodle.  Manual enrollment,  self-enrolment, cohort sync and more.  I find this part very useful in that you can have a course but without enrollments its all useless and the many option of enrollments makes it quite easy to get learners enrolled on courses.

I am more interested in the User authentication bit of this. First you have to get users authenticated on the system before you can enroll them on courses.

I concluded at the end of this first week that the more you know the more there is to know.

Learning continues.


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