EdTechx(11.133x)Slideshare for presentations.

This assignment is to find a useful software and provide some information about it to others while indicating where the software fits in the Domain/Approach chart.

I find Slideshare very useful for presentations, you can create and upload presentations to be shared with others. You can make presentations public accessible to anyone or you can make it private accessible to you only. The presentation is not just text and images only, video and audio presentations can also be uploaded and shared.

I have used Slideshare to produce presentations for my working on the Moodle implementation project as well as the Training bit of it and found is very helpful.

Slideshare is ideal for creating presentations that could be use in classes with links sent to students or embeded on websites, blog or an E-learning platform like Moodle. You can see how popular you slide is by checking the analytics, see who has viewed, downloaded or favorite your presentation.

Slideshare is free and very easy to use with thousands of other presentations to learn from, It links your profile to Linkedin for professional connections and you can also share your slides on Linkedin too.

Slideshare is a General domain application that change approach to procedure, instead of having your slide presentation locally, you can have it online and widely available to your students, others and get some statistics too. It could also change approach to instruction for instance, students can comment on the content of the presentation and can even create their own spin-off, it can also be used to create and generate ideas for students to work on.

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