EdTechx (11.132x): Peer Assignment

Peer Assignment.

What I want to learn in a weekend.

1. Screen casting
2. Video Editing
3. Audio recording and voice over.
4. Classroom video presentation (PowToon) or the Khan Academy style
5. On-screen Quiz maker (If I can get the application free & open source)

I would like to know how to edit Videos. I have created a screencast for the first time that is rather long but I have no idea how to cut and edit it to shorter lengths, removing necessary clips or just cutting the length into smaller chunks.

I use Ubuntu, free and open source applications. I do use Windows 8 as well in a dual booting system.

Kazam: I used this to record the screen cast, its quite easy and straight forward
Vokoscreen: I tried this but I found that that I prefer Kazam.

Openshot Video Editor:
I could not work out how to use any of those to do what I want.

This is supposedly capable of converting videos, but I did not work for me

Video Recording (Khan Academy style)

I like the Khan Academy style recordings and I would like to learn how to do it. I found it very engaging and interactive. I especially like how to create those on-screen quizzes that users have to do to go to the next part of the tutorial.

Anyone want to partner with me to learn these?

What Applications are used for this?
How is the application used get the interactivity of the recording?

I hope that we can both find out and learn to use it.

I am opened to suggestions but I only use free and opens source software.

I would like to learn this over the weekend.

I am based in Nigeria.
I am available for online interaction on Saturday and Sunday from 9Pm GMT till 12am or beyond.

Proposed: Schedule

Saturday 8/11/14: Video editing and voice over recording
Sunday 9/11/14: Classroom video presentation.

We will use Google chat (text and voice). Sorry, I will not appear on Video.

I have problem logging on to the EdTech forum, hindering my active participation.  If you want to partner with me, please  leave me a message on this blog. I can access this more easily than the EdTech forum.

I am located in a part of my country where Internet access is a big challenge at the moment, please do bear this in mind if you wish to partner with me.

Anyone want to pair with me can please leave me message here on my blog. Thanks

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