EdTechx(11.133x)- Not so successful user-training.

Assignment 0.2: Talk About Educational Technology.

I implemented Moodle LMS at a University, a voluntary initiative as part of my National Service not thinking through how to get the Lecturers to use the platform when done.

Fortunately, a department requested to use the platform because they have a new programme of study they would like to start off in both the traditional classroom mode and E-learning mode. I was happy about this, so I prepared to train them to use the platform after I was done. I had imported all freely available training courses I could get on the platform for the users but they preferred I come in and teach them in a classroom face-face mode.

I prepared slides of key areas of the Moodle platform to teach them with the hope that I will just project the slide up on the white-board and then walk-through each step with them while my screen is being project on the white-board after the slide. But it all went wrong, first the projector will not work with my Linux desktop, second the the network access was frustratingly slow that we can’t even get a page to load in 5 minutes.

So the first training day was derailed. To safe the day before the second day, I uploaded the slides onto my Google-drive and send a link for the Trainees to download to their desktop, this way I will not have to project the slides. But that leaves how I go about the walk-through since my desktop does not work with the projector, I tried to access the platform from one of the Trainee’s laptop and we have the problem of slow connection. The solution to that was to use the local copy of the Moodle installation on my laptop.

But still we can’t project, so I had to get all the Trainee’s to fix their eyes on my laptop while I walk-though the steps for each of the key areas to train them on. On the last day, because of the slow connection to the platform which was hosted on the University web server, I decided the best way to go round this is to make a local installation on each of the Trainee’s laptop, teach them how to backup and restore courses. This way, they can practice on the local copy on their laptop and when they are happy, they can upload on the server at a time when the connection works faster. I was only able to do this successfully for just one out of a class of about 7 Trainees because the others had lectures to attend for the day.

From my perspective, the training did not go well at all for the reasons stated and also being my first time as well, I was quite inexperienced. Apart from that, it was a voluntary initiative on my part and I had invested a lot of my own personal resources, with the hope that the University will put in a lot more to make the initiative a success.

From the Learners perspective, who are well established Lecturers at the University, they wanted to introduce E-learning in their courses but it seems to be a top-down decision and not all of them are happy about the extra work they will have to put into learning to use the platform and developing their courses for the platform. The problems during the training sessions wasn’t very encouraging either but they do realise that those issues could be overcome. The main issue is that they need someone on-site to help them along as they get to know and use the platform but I wasn’t going to be staying on, instead I had to hand over to their ICT department whom I hope will build upon what I was able to achieve.

If I were to do this again, how do I ensure a successful training session. I hope to Learn that from this course.

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