Honor code Certificate for Edtechx(11.132X)

Ma sha Allah ! I got me a honor code certificate for the Edx Design and Development of Educational Technology course. It was a very interesting and challenging course. I learnt many new things and the area I found most intriguing is the aspect of education theories of Contructivism and Constructionism. I first came across these terms in my research into moodle. Then, I read without much thought into the real meaning of these terms and what message is being conveyed in the text. But When I came across the terms again in this course I was able to relate more to the meanings from the materials and the video discussions on the topic. I went back to Moodle and read it again with better understanding this time. I equally found the topic on Teaching for understanding intriguing not forgetting about Social contructivism and deep learning. In short I found all these educational philosophies and theories very fascinating, not that they are new but things you knew and practised all along but have no words to express them.

The downside to this course for me was my internet connection that made it absolutely frustrating to fully participate. I was unable to join any of the live broadcast, hangout, reddit, unhangout and whatever else. I could not practise on scratch because the page just won’t load but I did a bit on logo. I did downloaded a scratch programme to install and practise but just did not get round to doing it.

I accessed most of the reference links and downloaded what I could for catch-up and it wasn’t bad in that sense.

The collaborative part was a disaster, enough to say….hint……my connection.

I didn’t submit my final pitch though I finished it all. I had a project presentation that was overwhelmingly approved by the management board of the Institution I was doing my project at.

This course was my very first MOOC execperience and I liked it a lot despite my frustrating internet connection. I feel motivated to continue and I already have a budding plan to go full on a MSC/PHD on EdTech if funding permits.

Working my way to Job Lecturing and Moodling too…

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