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EdTechx(11.133x)Learning just about anything, even with a low-tech phone.

This is week one activity break which is required to ask someone  the following question

How has technology helped you to learn a concept or topic (does not have to be from formal schooling)?

I asked a woman in her mid-thirties through WhatsApp messaging and here goes our conversation:

I had to breakdown the question and re-frame in my own words so I can get as much information as I can from the woman.

My questioning goes as follow:


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EdTechx (11.132x): Peer Assignment

Peer Assignment.

What I want to learn in a weekend.

1. Screen casting
2. Video Editing
3. Audio recording and voice over.
4. Classroom video presentation (PowToon) or the Khan Academy style
5. On-screen Quiz maker (If I can get the application free & open source)

I would like to know how to edit Videos. I have created a screencast for the first time that is rather long but I have no idea how to cut and edit it to shorter lengths, removing necessary clips or just cutting the length into smaller chunks.


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