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E-learning project completed and handed over.

I finally finished and handed over the E-learning project to the University on Friday 22nd May 2015. It was a very interesting learning experience for me, both the project, the National Service and the working culture in the country.

What’s next ?………

Looking for Job, Starting a business or going for PHD as planned. Considering all options, whichever comes first.

Meanwhile, a snapshot of the platform home page.



First ever screencast-Moodling

I made this screen cast to demonstrate how to cross-link courses in Moodle using a workaround suggested by someone on the Moodle forum. By default Moodle does not allowed cross-link courses with the same ID, a workaround is used to achieve this. This is my first ever screen-cast. I lost the initial video recording I made showing the process. I later recorded a tour of the finished outcome to show what I did.

I will be spending this weekend to learn more about screencasting, video editing and animated presentation using Powtoon.

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