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EdTechx(11.133x)- Not so successful user-training.

Assignment 0.2: Talk About Educational Technology.

I implemented Moodle LMS at a University, a voluntary initiative as part of my National Service not thinking through how to get the Lecturers to use the platform when done.

Fortunately, a department requested to use the platform because they have a new programme of study they would like to start off in both the traditional classroom mode and E-learning mode. I was happy about this, so I prepared to train them to use the platform after I was done. I had imported all freely available training courses I could get on the platform for the users but they preferred I come in and teach them in a classroom face-face mode.

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EdTechx(11.133x: Implementation & Evaluation of Educational Technology)

I have joined the new EdTechx course on Edx again. A follow-up on the last one I did. Hoping to follow it till the end to help in my current work.

I will be posting all my assignments and anything relating to the course on my blog and hopefully, it will all go well.

Still battling with slow Internet connections, so I might not be able to participate as much as I would like to. Let’s see how it goes.

So far the course has been quite interesting and very informative and I am focused on what I want to achieve from it. How do I improve on my last project especially the training bit that did not go so well as I have hoped?