Education is Liberty

Education is Liberty
Liberty to Think
Liberty to Question
Liberty to Learn
Liberty to Speak
Liberty to Act upon goodness
Liberty to Read
Liberty to Write
Liberty to Teach
Liberty to Live
Liberty to Create and Innovate
Liberty to be as I desire to be
But my Liberty was taken away from me
My aspiration to learn, grow, achieve and give was stifled
Only to be consigned to a corner in the world I never dreamt to be
All because of whom I am
I fought long and hard, all to no avail
But the strongest weapon I have is my mind, my determination
The deeply entrenched root upon which I rise
No one can take that away from me
I shall rise tall and high again
I shall prevail and conquer
I shall regain my Liberty
With my greatest weapon
A strong mind put to work
A determination not to give in
Even with this epileptic power supply
A data connection that take hours to load
In a hapless village so depressing I cry
With means so limited I lament
Over the airways through my Laptop
Right here in my room
I shall overcome and regain my Liberty
To be as I desire to be
That Lemon thrown at me
Shall make me the sweetest Lemonde ever
Education + Technology + Giving = Me
So shall it be

Free & Open Source Software

Bridging the digital divide A coursework report I wrote 5 years ago about the role of open source software in bridging the digital divide, I guess still have relevance today. 5 years on, I guess the divide is a little bit narrower but still a long way to go, especially in the developing countries. These days, we all can get on the Internet and do virtually anything we want especially with the proliferation of social networks. But we should not forget that not everyone enjoy this luxury. There is even a talk on Internet access being a fundamental right, with 4 out of 5 people in a survey of 27,000 people in 26 countries agreeing to this, I sure do agree to this too. But let us spare a thought for those people, even in the developed countries, who cannot even afford to buy a computer let alone access the Internet for reasons of social/economic disadvantage. Continue reading

Stars shine the brightest at the darkest of nights.